Breathwork and Expanded States of Consciousness

Working with expanded states of consciousness can be a very effective way to heal trauma, difficult life events and challenging emotions, even when other therapies have not achieved the results you are seeking. Expanded states of consciousness have been used for thousands of years all around the world, for example meditation, drumming, reciting mantras, breathwork and dance.


Such states of awareness give us access to our unconscious (the memories/feelings that may feel too challenging to go towards in our usual state of consciousness), including the positive qualities that are stored here, which IFS calls Self. Self is state of being in which we are connected to our confidence, calmness, curiosity, compassion and courage, to name a few of it’s qualities.


I am a trained Conscious Connected Breathwork facilitator and I offer sessions in which clients use breathwork to tap into the natural healing capacity of the body- a healing capacity that all of us have. This way of breathing induces an altered state, one in which our less conscious material comes into our awareness to be seen, felt, held and healed. 


I will help you learn how to breathe in this way and support you to open to and allow the emotions, sensations and images that arise as you breathe in this way. Over a course of sessions many people find that they feel lighter, calmer and more alive as they let go of difficult life events and emotions and become more free to have the life they have hoped for.


Conscious connected breathwork is a helpful preparation for anyone who is contemplating working with plant medicines. As such I offer breathwork and/or therapy sessions as a way of preparing for and of integrating plant medicine sessions- please note these are SOBER sessions (there will be no ingesting of any substances in these sessions). This is not a way of encouraging people to work with plant medicines, which are illegal in the UK, but it is a way of reducing risk and possible harm that is sadly increasingly common as people try these medicines without the appropriate preparation, integration or support.


In addition to 1:1 sessions, I am now offering regular small group breathwork classes locally, most months. I will be incorporating IFS therapy into some of these classes. Later in the year I will be offering a small, closed group for 4-6 sessions, using breathwork and IFS to dive deeper into your psyche with the benefits that a closed group can bring to our inner process.


Breathwork classes in 2024:

1st March 2024, 2:15-4:15pm, Dartington, Totnes (I will be bringing in a small bit of IFS into this session)- £30

10th February 2024, 11:30-1pm, Totnes- £25

6th January 2024, 11-12:30pm- £25


Please contact me if you are interested in 1:1 sessions, classes or if you would like to book a session for yourself and some friends.