I am a fully qualified and experienced therapist, a qualified Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapist and a full member of BACP.


I work with adults using IFS (Internal Family Systems therapy), talking therapy and creativity. I offer a safe, confidential and accepting space for you to bring the aspects of yourself, your life, relationships and/or events, past and present, that you are struggling with, that you wish to change in some way or that are getting in the way of your quality of life.


I aim to provide a space where the parts of us that society encourages us to hide are welcome; this might be vulnerability, sadness, anger, hatred, jealousy, fear or shame. Or it might be the more ‘positive’ elements in us that life taught us it was best to hide, maybe our love, strength or our exuberance.


There is something in this ‘welcoming’ in itself that clients report can be transformative. When these aspects feel welcome, bit by bit, they start to have less control over us. There’s something in the being seen and heard that allows some of the charge to dissipate. The more we fight an aspect of ourselves the stronger it usually gets.


Furthermore, when we get to know these aspects of our nature they can transform into something that often gives us a pleasant surprise. For example turning towards fear can lead you to a meeting with your inner warrior, as Jennifer Welwood’s poem ‘Unconditional’ so beautifully describes.


It can be hard to reach out to someone for support, and even harder to find a therapist that you resonate with.  As such I offer a free initial session, this gives you the chance to see how it feels to work with me and for us both to see if it feels like a ‘good fit’.


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Please feel free to get in touch if you would like to discuss things further (contact details are below).



Chrissie is member of BACP and a qualified Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapist. Sessions are held at Seale-Hayne, on the outskirts of Newton Abbot, Devon or online. She can be contacted on 07840 069075 or creativetherapysouthdevon@gmail.com